Itō Jakuchū

Itō Jakuchū is one of the representative creators in the mid-Edo period. He developed distinctive and humorous “Jakuchu world”. With strong spirit of inquiry and curiosity to pictorial expression, he dedicated himself to painting.

Art Works


Itō Jakuchū (1716 - 1800). He was also called Jokin and the pseudonym is Keiwa. Born as the eldest son of a wholesale grocer, he succeeded to the head of the family business. But in 1755 at the age of 40, he turned the family business over to his younger brother and started his devotion entirely to painting. He identified himself as “Koji” (lay brother) early on and took refuge in Zen and didn’t have a wife or children. Over a decade from the 7 year of the Houreki era (1757), he worked on one of his representative artworks, “Animals and Plants in Colors” and donated it to Shokoku-ji temple.

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