To help you better understand how to purchase Keiwa Art's artwork, below are answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us by using contact form or e-mail, or telephone.

Can I see artworks on the website in person?

A:Yes. Please let us know if you want. And It's also possible to see it by high-resolution image. We are agreeable to providing such image data on your demand. Please feel free to send your request by using contact form or e-mail, or telephone.

Q:How can I know the price of individual artwork?

A:Please contact us anytime by using contact form or e-mail, or telephone. We'll be happy to answer your every question.

Q:How do I purchase artwork from Keiwa Art?

A:Please let us know the name of artwork you are interested in to purchase, your name and contact infomration first by using contact form or e-mail, or telephone. Purchase-related things such as payment method and shiping will be decided later after your consideration. You can confirm purchase process if you look at the "How to Purchase" page on our website.

Q:What kind of payment options are available at the point of purchase?

A:We accept bank and postal transfer, cash on delivery, cash registration.

Q:Can you ship purchased artwort? / How much does it cost to use the service?

A:If it's domestic, we offer free shipping including insuracnce. If it's overseas, shipping cost will be decided base on the region.

Q:Can I trade in artwork that I purchased before from Keiwa Art for a new one?

A:Yes. You can purchase new one by paying the difference.

Q:Can I order specific artwork like "I'm looking for Jakuchū's Plum Blossoms"?

A:Yes. We are always available to help you to find artwork your are looking for.