Soga Shōhaku

Prodigy and one of the most popular artists in the mid-Edo period. Shōhaku is famous for his creative and daring, exquisite and unprecedented expression. His unstinted flair and professional skill shaped specific view of the world in his art works.

Art Works


Soga Shōhaku (1730 - 1781). Born in Kyoto. Outlived his family and left Kyoto in his teens. From then, he started an itinerant life only with a gift for painting, visited the provinces of Ise (modern Mie Prefecture) at the age of 29 and 35 and Banshu (Hyogo Prececture) at the age of 33 and 38 for example. In his early 40s, He returned to settle in Kyoto in his early 40s, became known as an able painter and cited in “Heian Jinbutsu shi “ (Who’s who in Kyoto) amongst popular artists of the era such as Maruyama Okyo, Ito Jakuchu, Ike Taiga, Yosa Buson. Even though he was viewed as heretical due to his perky episode and style of painting, he exerted a big impact on many artists and had a close relationship with Ike Taiga. ◇List of References ・SPECIAL EXHIBITION Shohaku Show (Written and edited by Hiroyuki Kano/ Kyoto National Museum) ・Araburu Kyo-no Eshi Soga Syohaku(Written by Hiroyuki Kano / Published by RINSEN BOOK Co., Ltd.) ・Soga Syohaku -Life and Creation-(Written by Hiroyuki Kano / Published by Tokyo bijutsu Co., Ltd.) ・Soga Syohaku (Written by Hiroyuki Kano / Published by SHINCHOSHA)