About Keiwa


What is truly beautiful enriches the heart, adds colors to life and helps live a rewarding life.

Keiwa was founded in spring of 2014 as an antique art dealer with a strong desire to make genuinely beautiful art work accessible to anyone.

Recently, Itō Jakuchū has gotten a great deal of public attention. Other than Jakuchū, mid-Edo period has produced great figures such as Soga Shōhaku, Hakuin Ekaku who revived the Rinzai school, Ingen Zenji who founded Obaku school of Zen Buddhism. Keiwa works in particular to introduce Japanese artists in pre-modern age and their ink paintings and calligraphic writings.

Antique that has been handed down from one generation to another and survived for hundreds of years to this day is nothing short of miraculous. Keiwa hopes to provide great opportunities for art lovers to meet with art works of monumental and artistic value through our collection. And Keiwa also hopes to contribute to passing Japanese culture down the generations.

On behalf of the company, welcome to Keiwa and thank you for exploring our website.

Yumiko Kageyama
Founder and Representative Director